When one creates green roofs the houses themselves become part of the landscape.
— Freidensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000)

Living Urbanism is the study of the characteristic ways of interaction of inhabitants of urban areas with green infrastructure and the built environment.

Amid concerns about climate change adaptation, energy conservation, food production and our ability to develop sustainably, there is a need to pursue solutions that present real economic, environmental and social benefits within our built environments. Living roofs offer just such an opportunity and shape how we view ecology in cities by shifting the focus to exploring what our cities would look like if the above benefits were embedded in the design process and functional interventions that shape our cities.

The role of green technology interventions and the built environment in general (such as living roofs and walls) start to redefine the human role in integrating life processes into future city landscapes and in particular how our indigenous flora and fauna can play a part in these life processes – thus protecting and enhancing indigenous biodiversity resilience  and sustainability in our cities.

At Living Urbanism - we are pursuing planning and design solutions through landscape design, planning and product design that:

  • Delivers better quality places in New Zealand;
  • Creates a more sustainable New Zealand
  • Helps us adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Create low carbon cities

About Zoë & Jon

Zoë has over 17 years of planning and policy development experience with a Bachelor of Planning with Honours from the University of Auckland and is currently finishing her Masters in Landscape Architecture by Design. She has a range of experience both in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom with a focus on sustainable development and design.

Zoë is involved in promoting sustainable development in New Zealand, including the encouragement of living roofs and green infrastructure. She is a Board Member or Green Roofs Australasia, and a member of the World Green Infrastructure Network. She is the Director of Living Roofs New Zealand, an independent organisation that encourages environmentally sustainable design to deliver better quality places to live and work; create a better and more sustainable New Zealand; help us adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change; and create low carbon communities. Whilst at the Environment Agency,

Zoë worked on obtaining funding and working on a Green Roof Toolkit for the United Kingdom which won a Climate Change Award Commendation from the Royal Town Planning Institute. She is currently researching Living Roof Urbanism, finalising her Masters in Landscape Architecture by Design.

Zoë utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to projects and always practices, an inclusive and consultative approach to design. Zoë can move through a process from consultation that elicits stakeholder’s issues, to engagement that unlocks stakeholder’s aspirations.

Zoë and Jon’s values are very much founded on the principles of an equitable society, in terms of economic capital, social capital, ecological capital and cultural capital.